UMBERTO CARRO POSITANO accompanies man in regaining his moments of freedom by dressing his colors, his joys, his emotions and aspirations. UMBERTO CARRO POSITANO proposes an innovative casual style, which meets the changing needs, detaching itself from the traditional interpretation of fashion, to recompose it in the light of a more stimulating and original vision

Everything from models, fabrics, buttons and accessories combine to create something unique expertly coordinated by brothers Martina and Stefano Carro. Our creations offer an innovative and casual style, expressing a revolutionary concept of elegance always focused on quality and details.

Our creations are inspired by a feeling of optimism and freedom and designed to offer the right combination of style and comfort at different times of the day. The sea, nature and the wonderful landscape of the Amalfi Coast, are the source of inspiration and then an idea around which we create the whole thing.

The result is a winning mix of solar hues, inspired provocations and creative audacity that has rediscovered fabrics and nuances that everyday monochrome had dispersed. UMBERTO CARRO POSITANO gives you the opportunity to renew your wardrobe with exclusive, quality items 100% Made in POSITANO , 100% Made in Italy.